10 11/10/2017

The actions of the Western Greece Region for Entrepreneurship on the European Week for Cities and Regions Week in Brussels

The integration plan for the year "Western Greece Region - Business Region 2017" was presented today in Brussels during the European Week in Brussels during a meeting of networks of Business Regions.

9 29/11/2016

Memorandum of cooperation between Region of Western Greece and Chambers for the Network for Strengthening Entrepreneurship

The configuration of Network for Strengthening Entrepreneurship in Western Greece gets in its final form, after the signing of the relevant Memorandum of Cooperation between the Region of Western Greece and the three Chambers of Achaia, Etoloakarnania and Ilia.

8 17/11/2016

K. Karpetas: The Alliance for the Network Entrepreneurship in the Region constitutes a benchmark - Memorandum of Cooperation was signed with the HFE of Western Greece

The Region of Western Greece is in close cooperation with the Association of Enterprises and Industries of Peloponnese and Western Greece under the umbrella for Network for Entrepreneurship in our region.

7 09/11/2016

Issues relates with entrepreneurship, primary sector and Orange Grove mentioned in the meeting of the Regional President Ap. Katsifaras with Ambassador of the Netherlands

The strengthening of the primary sector, greenhouse crops, tourism and culture and especially the strengthening of entrepreneurship and startups of young formed the agenda of the meeting that the President of the Region of Western Greece Apostolos Katsifaras had with the Ambassador of the Netherlands Kaspar Velntkamp today at the offices of the Region in Patras.