Alliance for Entrepreneurship

Network Organization & Operation

General Assembly (Plenary)

  • Supreme decision-making body of the Network
  • It meets at least once a year
  • It consists of the Executive Committee & the Evaluation Committee

Executive Committee

  • Consists of Think Tanks, Action Groups and Work Groups
  • Meets: every 3 months (at least)
  • It is the "driving force" of the Network
  • Represents the Network

Evaluation Committee

  • Evaluates the Action Plan and the Results of the Network Action Plan
  • Monitors the Action Plan European Entrepreneurship Region 2017

Joint Monitoring Committee

  • It consists of: From the Network Members Representatives (as defined for this purpose)
  • Meets: Every 3 months (at least)
  • Coordinates & Observes: actions required to meet the goals of the Network