European Industry Days 2019: local Event, Patras, 6th of March 2019

Entrepreneurship and the 4th Industrial Revolution was the main focus of the conference with the title “Crisis remedy - Industry innovation and globalization”, organized on 6th of March 2019 in Patras by the Regional Government in cooperation with the Information Center “Europe Direct Patras”.

The conference was organized as a local event within the frame of European Industry Week 2019. The objective was to involve stakeholders and representatives from industry, entrepreneurship, innovation and the public sector in the Region of Western Greece, to present the plan for industrial innovation and digitalization of the Region to the local stakeholders and explain how the Commission’s policies are specialized and linked with it. This has enabled the analysis of the steps taken already in relation to digital transformation and entrepreneurial innovation at national and regional levels.

The European Commission is investing in the EU industry for a modern, clean and fair economy. It promotes industrial competitiveness through many of our important initiatives and seeks to empower citizens, revitalize the regions and make available the best technologies for the smart and innovative industry of the future.

Video from the conference:

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