Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the main objective of the Investment Platform of Western Greece?

    The main objective of the Platform is to provide information to investors about the investment opportunities in Western Greece region, as well as to offer assistance to identifying and overcoming burdens or delays related to the implementation of these investments. The platform also serves an interaction space among investors, via the investors’ forum.


    2. What is the main objective of the Investor Forum?

    The main purpose of the forum is to promote the needs of potential investors in Western Greece. It allows them to interconnect and share useful information regarding the different stages  of the process.  Also, the forum could lead to synergies and it can be used for answering investment-related questions.


    3. Why would someone invest in Western Greece?

    The Region of Western Greece offers significant advantages. Some of the most prominent, are described below:

      • The ideal climatic and geomorphological conditions
      • The commercial and industrial activities in the region are extensive and cover a wide range of products.
      • The multimodal access to the RWG.
      • The R&D sector plays a significant role in the economy.
      • A large share of the energy consumed in the region, is generated from renewable energy sources (RES)
      • Many agri-food products are produced in the region every year.
      • The tourism sector is rapidly developing in the last years.


    4. Which sectors are within the scope of the Investments in Western Greece Region?

    There are multiple sectors, offering a wide scope of opportunities:

      • Tourism & Agri-tourism
      • Transportation & Logistics
      • Energy
      • Agri-Food sector
      • Aquaculture and Fishing
      • Research & Development
      • Education
      • Infrastructure
      • Commercial activities


    5. What other entities are cooperating with RWG regarding the planning and implementation of the investments?

    There are many entities cooperating with RWG regarding the planning and implementation of the investments (planning, designing, implementation), such as the Regional Development Fund, the Municipalities of the Regional Units, the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF) as well as the corresponding Ministries.


    6. What documentation are investors requested to submit to invest in Western Greece?

    Please, use the contact form at the Contact tab for further details. An assigned assistant will assist and guide you, regarding the required documentation and actions needed.


    7. What other financing tools and instruments can investors utilize?

    There are multiple financing instruments, which can be utilized by the investors, mainly:

    1. The Partnership Agreement (PA)
    2. Investment Incentives Law
    3. EU programmes.

    For more information, please, leave a message at the Contact tab.


    8. How can I contact the corresponding Authority for further details and clarifications?

    Please, use the contact form at the Contact tab.


    9. What is the definition of maturity of an investment opportunity and why is it used?

    Maturity is a term used to highlight the completion state of an investment and the state of all the pre-actions needed to ensure its immediate implementation.  More specifically, it offers the state of the pre-actions needed(business plans, permissions/approvals etc.),  for an investment to commence