Investing in Infrastructure

    The development of infrastructure is a necessary condition for the development of the Region of Western Greece. Today, the Region lags behind in basic infrastructure (mainly in transport infrastructure), which undermines the competitiveness of its products and services. Deficiencies are observed in all the Regional Units (especially in terms of the railway network).However, the implementation of important infrastructure projects in the coming years (such as the development of the railway network, Patras-Pyrgos highway, etc.) is expected to contribute to the resolution of these problems.

    Speeding up the completion of the above mentioned projects along with the improvement of the existing infrastructure are expected to strengthen the development perspective of the Region, to significantly increase its competitiveness and to facilitate the transport.

    Improving the infrastructure of the RWG is a national and regional priority in the current and  upcoming Programming Period. A variety of financial tools are also available at European and national level.

    According to KEPE*, the GDP multiplier for the sector amounts to 1.64, while the employment multiplier amounts to 21 (per million investments). Practically speaking, this means that for every € 1 million of investments, the regional GDP will increase by € 1.64 million and 21 new jobs will be created.


    *The Centre of Planning and Economic Research (KEPE)


    Why investing in RWG?

    Road connection of business and economic activity with the urban centers of Athens (via the new national road Athens - Patras) and Ioannina (via Ionia Odos and the Rio-Antirio Bridge): The Regional Units of the Region of Western Greece (with the exception of the Prefecture of Ilia) are connected by road with the major urban centers. In particular, Patra is connected via Olympia Odos with Athens and through the Rio-Antirio bridge and Ionia Odos with Ioannina. Agrinio is connected with Ioannina through Ionia Odos. These road connections ensure the interconnection of important cities of RWG with the most important shopping centers of the country.

    Important interconnection of Araxos and Aktio airport with foreign markets: Araxos and Aktio airports have been significantly upgraded in recent years and show increased passenger traffic. Both airports provide access to foreign markets, with a significant number of interconnections with foreign cities and large numbers of tourists’ arrivals.

    Critical port infrastructure - The port of Patras is the gateway to the Adriatic and Western Greece regions, and the port of Katakolo constitutes the centre for cruise tourism : The port of Patras holds a crucial strategic position, as it facilitates the transports of goods to and from Western Europe. At the same time, it is a gateway for tourists from Italy. In addition, ports of great significance include among others the port of Kyllini that connects Western Greece with the Ionian Islands, the port of Katakolo which is the pre-eminent cruise port of the region, while the Cleopatra marina is the largest dry docking marina in Greece.

    Aktio Airport