Investing in Education-Research

    The Region of Western Greece has a significant competitive advantage in the fields of education and research.  High level educational institutions such as University of Patras, are located in n the region while at the same time, a research and innovation ecosystem has been developed through the development of the innovation hub and the science park in Patras. In the region, and mainly in Achaea, there are many innovative high-tech companies, while the University of Patras is the first Greek academic institution that introduced the industrial doctorates.

    In the Region of Western Greece, graduates with high training and technical skills are gathered, while at the same time a relatively high number of researchers is observed. In addition, research and innovation costs are relatively high.

    A Science Park operates in Patras, an institution with a significant role for the development of innovation in the wider region. The facilities of the science park include 21 innovative companies that employ about 120 highly qualified employees,  which are active in various branches of economic activity. In fact, some of these companies attracted international interest that led to their acquisition.

    The Region of Western Greece can benefit from, and further develop the innovation environment, stop the outflow of graduates to urban centers outside the Region and further connect business and research activity.

    According to KEPE*, the GDP multiplier for the sector is 1.05, while the employment multiplier is 28 (per million investments). Practically speaking, this means that for every € 1 million of investments, the regional GDP will increase by € 1.05 million and 28 new jobs will be created.


    *The Centre of Planning and Economic Research (KEPE)


    Why investing in RWG?

    Significant concentration of academic institutions: Many important academic institutions are located in Patras. This fact significantly enhances research and innovation in the region and contributes to the creation of an innovation ecosystem both in the city of Patras and in RWG as a whole.

    Access to highly trained and technical graduates: The companies that are located or are going to be located in the area, can choose from a pool of researchers with high quality researchers and training that can enhance the applied research activity of the companies, and staff high-tech companies.

    Patras Science Park: The Patras Science Park is an important institution for the development of innovation in the region, where innovative companies operate, and highly qualified staff is employed.