Investing in Logistics

    The Region of Western Greece holds an important geostrategic position as it is the country’s gateway to Western Europe. The port of Patras holds a dominant position, as it is the main point of entry into, and exit from the country, for tourists and cargo containers to, and from all over Europe.

    The development of the railway and its connection with the port of Patras as well as with other ports of the Region of Western Greece, along with the completion of motor highways in the region, is expected to stimulate combined transport and strengthen the dynamics of the supply chain.

    . The effective development of the supply chain in the region is crucial, and is primarily driven by the production dynamics (mainly in the primary sector). In this regard, the overall objective is to accelerate and facilitate the transfer of those products to European and international markets.

    The supply chain sector represents 4.5% of the total turnover of the Region of Western Greece and employs approximately 3.90% of human resources. The supply chain sector is a high priority sector at Regional level, while it seems to be of higher importance for the Regional Unit of Achaea, due to the strategic position of the region.

    According to KEPE*, the GDP multiplier for the sector amounts to 1.55, while the employment multiplier amounts to 22 (per million investments). Practically speaking, this means that for every € 1 million of investments, the regional GDP will increase by € 1.55 million, and 22 new jobs will be created.


    *The Centre of Planning and Economic Research (KEPE)


    Why investing in RWG?

    Intense crop production and product diversification: The soil of the Region of Western Greece, in combination with the climatic conditions and the geomorphology, is suitable for the cultivation of many crops throughout the year. This contributes to the intensive use of land and the diversification of agricultural production, thus increasing the productivity of the primary sector in the Region. The consequence of this is the high quality of products with emphasis on foreign markets.

    Geostrategic position of the Region as the western gateway of Greece to Adriatic and Western Europe: The Region of Western Greece is one of the 13 Regions of the country with significant geostrategic position, being the gateway to and from Adriatic and Western Europe. The RWG provides valuable opportunities for trade in goods and proximity to important target markets, therefore enhancing the extroverted orientation of the companies.

    Strongly interconnected region with margins for improvement in infrastructure and warehousing areas: The strong interconnection of the RWG with other prefectures as well as with other European countries, is facilitated through the region’s ports, airports and road network. The existing situation leaves room for improvement in infrastructure, logistics centers and warehousing areas in order to make the most of the logistics sector in the region.