Address by the governor of the Region of Western Greece, N. Farmakis, on the Investment Profile of the RWG



    Western Greece is a Region of strong potential and comparative advantages and could become a leader for growth in Greece and Europe.

    Now, the Region has developed a strong strategic plan to attract investors and create a "portfolio", through which, the interested parties will be able to access all the necessary data and at the same time, to cooperate with the executives and services of the Region, in order to obtain all the necessary information.

    Nowadays, every attempt targeting the economic growth shall be made in accordance with the current sustainability requirements, and with respect to protecting the environment, while offering significant opportunities for considerable and long-term investment efforts.

    That is the reason why the Investment Profile of Western Greece is the result of a thorough effort that offers the necessary information to every potential investor, who aims to contribute to the local and national economy, while gaining from the "surplus" of the geostrategic position, the strong human resources and wealth-producing resources of the region.

    Western Greece can and must become a pioneer. There is a need for the Region to be transformed into an area of ​​strong productive growth, with serious investments that will create thousands of new jobs. The long-term lack of investments is an oxymoron, taking into consideration the Region’s potential. These opportunities are now available to everyone.

    The Region of Western Greece opens its doors and offers the necessary "tools" to everybody. With confidence and extroversion. With faith in our strengths. And given the strong commitment that for us, "words must become deeds"!


    Nektarios Ath. Farmakis

    Governor of the Region of Western Greece