Operation of organized business hubs and facilities for the entry of high-tech companies



    The Region of Western Greece hosts four well-organized business hubs, namely the Patras VI.PE. , VIO.PA. in Glafkos-Patras, the Patras Science Park and the NAVIPE Astakou


    Patras VI.PE



    The Business & Industrial Parks (ETVA) currently have the ownership and management of 25 Industrial Zones (VI.PE) as well as the ownership with the assignment of management to another 2 VI.PE, while at the same time, it is responsible for the creation and development of new industrial areas across the country.

    VI.PE Patras is one of those Industrial Zones of ETVA, currently located close to the main premises and infrastructure of the Prefeecture of Achaea, and the wider region of Peloponnese.


    In particular, the Industrial Zone of Patras, is located in the plains of Olenia Municipal Unit, where one could find larger (or smaller) industries from different sectors. The region is surrounded by the villages Aghios Stefanos, Didacheika, Kalamaki, Kounelaika and Haikali.

    Distance of PatrasVI.PE.  from key points

    Distance from:




    Athens-Patras Highway


    Port of Patras


    Kalamata Airport / Athens International Airport

    195 / 264

    Patras Railway


    Araxos Airport



    The following Table presents the main technical and construction characteristics of Patras VI.PE:

    Basic Technical and Building Characteristics of the VI.PE

    Manufacture and Industrial plots

    Minimum plot length facing the road

    25 m

    Minimum area

    2,000 sq.m.

    Maximum Allowable Site Occupancy

    40% of the land area

    Plot ratio


    Maximum height of buildings

    22 m



    Internal road network

    26.83 km.

    Rainwater drainage network

    22.20 km.

    Sewage network

    24.19 km.

    Water supply network

    Waste treatment plant

    Street lighting


    Telecommunication Network

    Broadband network

    VI.PE Administration-Management Office  .

    Fire Service


    The most important investment advantages offered by the industrial area of Patras are the following:

    • Net real estate securities
    • Exemption from the procedure for issuing an installation permit (Law 2516/97 article 7 par.5)
    • Favorable building conditions
    • Exemption from Stage A of environmental licensing
    • Development of collaborative relationships among the  established companies
    • Regulations for operations
    • Issuance of operating license in 20 days

    Environmental licensing (AEPO) with the opinion issued only by the ETVA VI.PE. S.A


    Industrial Park of Glafkos Patras S.A



    The main objective of the Industrial Park of Patras is to function as a driving force of the economy of Patras, focusing on small and medium size enterprises. Dozens of craft enterprises (about 100) are established in the Industrial Park, some of which are very dynamic, employing more than 800 employees (2019).

    One of the most important competitive advantages of VIO.PA is its geographical location, as it is quite close to the port and the city of Patras and ensures direct access to the entrance gates of the city. In this context, VIO.PA leaves significant room for establishment of many more companies.

    Today, VIO.PA Patras faces significant difficulties, having basic infrastructure problems.


    Science Park of Patras


    The Science Park of Patras SA was founded in 1989 with the main goal to contribute to the creation and development of companies that emphasize the importance of innovation and know-how.

    The main components of the operational structure of the Science Park of Patras are the model of the "incubator" of new high-tech enterprises (spin-off / spin-out), and the Innovation Center which concerns either newly established or start-ups. The services offered include business development services, information services, legal, financial and secretarial support as well as many other services offered on a daily basis..

    Today, the Science Park of Patras  hosts about 27 companies and 1 Research Institute, and employs more than 150 people of high scientific education. The companies established there, have secured more than 30 international patents in recent years, have implemented more than 40 Research and Technological Development projects with a total budget of about € 30 million, and have invested more than €7 million in fixed technological equipment. The Science Park itself has implemented more than 32 research and development projects at national and European level.

    The main actions of the Science Park are the following:

    1. Establishment of 7 Innovation HUBs in the fields of: :
      • Nanotechnology HUB
      • Agri-food (AromaHUB)
      • Biotechnology (Biohealth HUB)
      • Smart Cities HUB
      • Renewable Energy Sources (Cleantech Energy HUB)
      • Aeronautics (AeronauticHUB)
      • Blue Economy / Growth (BlueInn Hub)
    2. Implementation of the  “Proof-of-Concept program” (with a budget of € 500,000 per year to support 10 ideas, up to € 50,000 for each project) which enables researchers to promote their research ideas and turn them into a product.

    3. Provision of a Knowledge Transfer office that will serve as an intermediary  between companies & researchers, in order to solve business problems and / or apply the research results to these companies

    4. Operation of a Regional Office (Library) of the Industrial Property Organization, which is exclusively authorized body in Greece for the registration of patents, industrial designs & technological information.

    5. Hosting of the “Orange Grove Patras”, the new pre-incubator of Western Greece, based in Patras, which offers support programs to individuals / groups with innovative ideas who want to see their idea grow into a sustainable business.


    The know-how and high innovation status of the companies hosted in the Science Park of Patras is also documented through the acquisitions that have taken place in recent years by large foreign technology companies. A more recent example is the acquisition of the parent company for design and development of graphics processors “Think Silicon” by the American company “Applied Materials”. In addition, large companies such as Samsung, Vianex and Systems Sunlight, have invested or acquired companies that were hatched in the Science Park of Patras.


    NA.VI.PE of Platygialos - Astakos



    NA.VI.PE. of Platygialos-Astakos is the only industrial area in the country that has been designated as a free zone and has port facilities in the Platygiali bay, 7 km south of Astakos. These port facilities were built by ETVA and were recognized as a free zone in 1990.

    An essential factor for the development of NA.VIPE. of Platygialos-Astakos, was the right to use the beach which was granted by Joint Ministerial Decision. The area of the port was limited to about 1,500 acres as a special Shipbuilding and Repair Industrial Area. The port is also part of the National Port System, regardless of its ownership status, and it is expected to serve many uses.

    The Ministries of Shipping and Finance coordinate their action and directly promote the operation of the port of Platygialos-Astakos in Etoloakarnania and plan the development of the Southeastern Sea corridor, during the implementation of the Business Plan (Master Plan) that has already been approved by the European Union.